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Monday, August 6, 2012

Dressage Team Final Tomorrow!

Today my time is going to be devoted to the jumping team final (have you been following the competition? What a thrilling ending this is going to be!). Before I get too involved, I wanted to share with you the order of go for tomorrow's Olympic Grand Prix Special, aka the dressage team final. It all begins Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. London time.

If a rider is an individual (i.e., not competing for a team medal), I've put an (I) after the listing. Teams consist of three horse-rider combinations.

10:00 Anabel Balkenhol/Dablino (GER) (I)
10:09 Jessica Michel/Riwera (FRA) (I)
10:18 Mikaela Lindh/Mas Guapo (FIN) (I)
10:27 Patrick van der Meer/Uzzo (NED)
10:36 Emma Kanerva/Spirit (FIN) (I)
10:45 Jan Ebeling/Rafalca (USA)
10:54 Jose Daniel Martin Dockx/Grandioso (ESP)
11:03 Minna Telde/Santana (SWE)

11:25 Tina Konyot/Calecto V (USA)
11:34 Morgan Barbancon Mestres/Painted Black (ESP)
11:43 Tinne Vilhelmson Silfven/Don Auriello (SWE)
11:52 Steffen Peters/Ravel (USA)
12:01 Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz/Fuego (ESP)
12:10 Patrik Kittel/Scandic (SWE)
12:19 Ashley Holzer/Breaking Dawn (CAN) (I)
12:28 Victoria Max-Theurer/Augustin (AUT) (I)

1:45 Richard Davison/Artemis (GBR) (I)
1:54 Valentina Truppa/Eremo del Castegno (ITA) (I)
2:03 Goncalo Carvalho/Rubi (POR) (I)
2:12 Claudia Fassaert/Donnerfee (BEL) (I)
2:21 Dorothee Schneider/Diva Royal (GER)
2:30 Carl Hester/Uthopia (GBR)
2:39 Anne van Olst/Clearwater (DEN)
2:48 Anky van Grunsven/Salinero (NED)

3:10 Kristina Sprehe/Desperados (GER)
3:19 Laura Bechtolsheimer/Mistral Hojris (GBR)
3:28 Anna Kasprzak/Donnperignon (DEN)
3:37 Edward Gal/Undercover (NED)
3:46 Helen Langehanenberg/Damon Hill (GER)
3:55 Charlotte Dujardin/Valegro (GBR)
4:04 Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein/Digby (DEN)
4:13 Adelinde Cornelissen/Parzival (NED)

I don't know about you, but I can't wait!

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